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At first, Pauline thought that this might be the end of Effordless's life.

Before, Pauline had to always carry the Effortless up and down the stairs. because it moves slowly and is already old But then within a period of 10 days only. The Effordless could move without falling any longer.

By Antinol Team

Written with love

“At first I was worried this might be the end of it. My dog's movements are so slow, but deep down I don't want him to give up. Starting with Antinol® has brought the Efordless back to health by leaps and bounds. It was eager to live its life again. That's all I want."

Pauline has worked with animals most of her life. In addition to taking care of six of her own dogs in the Dog Agility competition, she races over obstacles and long jumps into the water. She also runs her own agility club in Virginia called REVA Agility Club Enthusiasts every spring and fall. They will focus their activities on running over obstacles. And for fun long jump competitions are held throughout the summer.

Effortless jumping over the hurdles

Effortless has bright blue eyes. It was Pauline's first dog to compete in agility races and sprint over obstacles with ease. But at the age of 14 and a half, it began to have health problems. and Pauline worries about its future.

“My dog ​​started having mobility issues about a year ago. It moves really slowly. I noticed that it has trouble moving its hind legs. He was horribly limping. Our house had two stairs up from the decking. It cannot walk up or down by itself. So I had to carry it up.”

And the Effortless still had to face many problems when entering the house.

“The ground floor of our house is solid ground. And we have to carry it across this area. because otherwise it will stumble.”

Pauline has tried different supplements as recommended by her veterinarian.

“Nothing seems to be working. Its health is getting worse and worse, some supplements only help a little. But not in the long term I'm worried this might be the end of it. I just don't want it to give up now.”

While attending a Cynosport obstacle course race in Tennessee. Pauline's daughter discovered Antinol® , the Official USDAA Dietary Supplement, and showcased by Vetz Petz®.

Effortless going through the tunnel

“Daniel called me and said she thought it could help the Efordless. So I tried to do some research. See how pure the ingredients are. I like the information I read. and thought I'd give it a try.”
“We spoke to a representative from Vetz Petz® and they sent us a test product. Sounds good, but I didn't have high expectations because our dog is older and a competitive dog. It must be a little difficult for their bodies.”

Pauline followed the instructions. By doubling the number of capsules in the first 2 weeks, Vetz Petz® assures that the best results are obtained when pet parents begin feeding this supplement.

“First of all, it's a very easy food supplement. I put Antinol® in its food. And it's easy to swallow! I don't have to hide pills in a pill or anything else. I have never had a problem feeding my Effordless a supplement.”

90% of pet parents notice a difference in their pets within the first 30 days after using Antinol®. However, every pet is different. Some may take longer than others. At the same time, some dogs, such as the Effortless, see results much faster.

Effortless jumping over a hurdle

“I started to notice the difference after the first ten days. It spun around without falling. He went up and down the stairs to get into the house himself. We don't have to carry it any more. I used to wish it could be a little better But now I'm really surprised that he's recovered so quickly!”
“On the 15th day, it easily turned around. not walking limp like before considering its age It's actually much healthier, moves a lot better. It was comfortable and moved around easily.”

“Just the other day, he was jogging down the hill towards the pitch. and want to play frisbee He seemed very happy to go out and explore his surroundings. and then ran back on his own Because I haven't done that for 9 months. I'm very happy now.”

The Effordless has been using Antinol® for a month now. And Pauline couldn't believe what the outcome meant for her life.

“It looks smarter and more responsive. when i call It turned faster, looked brighter, its blue eyes shone brightly…a twinkle of light. It doesn't look like an old dog at all.”

Effortless in the weave poles

Seeing the smile on Pauline's face as she spoke of the transformation of the Effortless was It's enough to convince you to try Antinol® once, thanks to the love and care that owners and dogs have for each other. and the bonds with the 12 years of competition that they have together making their relationship unshakable at all

“It's great to see my dogs doing better. I'm worried this might be the end of it. because it is much slower But I didn't want him to give up, and the use of Antinol® gave him a leap of strength again. He was eager to get up and live his joyous life again. That's all for me. It was amazing.”



*Customer Reviews It is for informational purposes only. This information is not a substitute for professional veterinary care. Testimonials are written by customers who have actually used the product and are based solely on individual customer observations. These personal opinions cannot be taken as a guarantee. and may not be clinically proven Pets in reviews may have different health conditions.

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