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Louie returns to the Agility race again in top form!

Louie continues to enjoy Agility races at Bratty Paws Dog Plex and lives life to the full with Antinol®.

By Antinol Team

Written with love

use Antinol® enabled Louie to continue participating in sporting events at Bratty Paws Dog Plex and can live its life to the fullest

We are very excited about this event! The stages on the field are amazing. It's going to be a lot of fun.”

Chris and Judi Villano ( Chris + Judi Villano) compete in Dog Agility, the nation's national obstacle course race. and has represented the United States in the World Championships International level up to 6 times, they both jointly manage Bratty Paws and Sun Coast Agility in Florida

Louie at agility

Bratty Paws Dog Plex Located on 10 acres, it is Florida's first premier 20,000 square foot indoor air-conditioned dog training facility. There are seminars, camps, cross-country running competitions. and long jump competitions throughout the year The center hosts a world-class competition and presenter. The center supports dogs of all ages, from training athletes to world champions.

That day our team visited Chris at the center. during the busiest time

“This weekend, we have AKC with a few international style courts What's really exciting is that not only is the course designed by Italian referee Carlo Fazio , he's here with us this weekend! We are delighted, very, very excited that he is here and can join the judging for us.”

Bratty Paws Support for all types of events including CPE, USDAA, UKI and a long jump into the water We had the opportunity to attend this amazing event with Chris. and Racers from all over the United States

“Yesterday we started racing in some tracks. and it's great! We had the highest number of applicants for this weekend's event we've ever seen. And this is really exciting,” Chris said.

Louie on the weave pole

Chris invited us to the event and we were amazed by the facilities around us.

Chris explained that he and his wife had heard about Antinol® How is it the first time? And what does it help his dog?

“We met with Tom at the tournament. Cynosport in Tennessee last year. which is the first year that I went Tom has a very strong stance on Antinol® At first glance we were skeptical. 'Dude, what is this? Then Tom explains what this supplement really is. Judy is the person in charge of feeding the dogs. She therefore focused on studying the benefits of Antinol® very much, and Tom himself tried his best to explain it to us.”

Chris and Judy decided to try supplements. Antinol® with 5 dogs out of 6 in the race and extremely happy with the results.

“We have seen a lot of development in dogs. It's not just the health of their skin and fur that has changed. But from a sports perspective We can clearly see the difference when they move.”

Especially with one of their dogs rising to the stars.

“Louie is our Doberman. He is now 8 years old and we have seen a huge change in his fur and skin after use. Antinol® for Doberman owners It is fortunate that a dog's double-digit age and intelligence with age are very fortunate. Louie was almost ten years old soon, and he was still able to play fluently. It's great! Antinol® It really helps it move as it pleases.”

Louie posing with his medal

and also has Sancho Youngest dog with dermatitis With Louie having so much success with Antinol® , Chris and Judy had high expectations for Sanzo to get better. And they weren't disappointed.

“Sancho is our love child. He has skin problems since he came to live with us. It has red bumps and bumps on the skin. And since using Antinol® , his skin problems have completely disappeared. We are very happy that he has recovered!”

That weekend, Bratty Paws ' work with Carlo Fazio was a huge success. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, entertainment and incredible results for dogs from all over the country!

Read more about Bratty Paws Dog Plexhere.


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