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After 15 days, Honey's legs are back moving!

One day, Anita began to notice that Honey was limping around, but now Honey is back to playing with Anita.

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Last January we lost our previous dog. And I said, ' That's enough, I don't want to raise any more . ' Then I met a cute dog, Honey.

It was like love at first sight. When Anita and her husband saw Honey on the RSCPA rehoming site , Honey was part of a lawsuit and had been caged for a long time.

“I printed a picture of Honey,” said Anita. “I looked at the picture and put it in the box. But then my husband picked it up and looked. Like we have something to do with Honey.”

Honey in her snood
They finally met Honey in early August and knew right away that he would be part of their family. And six days later he returned home.

before the lock down Honey goes to work with Anita every day.

“Every day we go for a walk before work. no matter what day it is raining or sunny I always take it out to stretch during breaks from work. At lunch we were able to leave for an hour. and then ran and played on the way home.”

Honey is a very busy bitch. His favorite place is the beach.

“He likes to chase sea birds. It always thinks it has wings. He couldn't swim but wanted to go as far as possible into the water and wanted to play with the birds. It's super fun to play on the beach!”

and when they have activities in the forest It was fun and exciting as well! He couldn't help but smell the smell of squirrels and wandered around the bushes.

Honey running through the woods

But then one day Anita starts to notice that Honey has changed.

“Honey gradually changed. One day We were at the beach and I started to notice that it was limping.

We lived comfortably for a couple of weeks. But it started to raise its hind legs. Even though he was just standing there eating dinner.”

We have to help this hun when he goes up the stairs at night. And it can't walk out of the garden by itself.

Anita takes Honey to Dr. Rob. her veterinarian “I met Dr Rob from reading reviews. He has orthopedic references and he can look at all other options including alternative medicine like acupuncture.

“We are concerned that Honey may have a dislocated kneecap. But Dr. Rob said that wasn't the cause. He showed me the X-ray results of Honey. And it has several small tubercles around the joints on both hind legs. But it was much worse than what it was.”

Honey joint nodules are bone spurs or bulging conditions. This condition is common in rheumatism. when there is discomfort in the joints Cartilage becomes weaker and mobility begins to deteriorate.

“Doctor Rob recommends trying Antinol® to help restore Han's movements to normal. He saw great results using this product. Including in his friend's dog, which is a German Shepherd breed.

Antinol® is an effective health supplement. Suitable for lifetime use Help maintain the health of mobility. Veterinarians recommend Antinol® as part of a multimodal care regimen.

“When used until the first week We immediately saw the difference. Honey limped less and moved into the house more. after two weeks The limp has completely disappeared!”

Honey chasing a ball

“With Antinol®, she was happy. On a scale of one to ten, I'd say she started this process at a one, and now? Well, now, she's a fifteen!”

“Using Antinol® makes it a real pleasure to rate it from one to ten. I think at the start of this process give one. and look now Honey looks so much better, I have to give fifteen!”

Antinol® is a nutritional supplement that amazes me. It was miraculous that Honey was healed. We were very worried about it back then. Out of fear, we went to the veterinarian. We felt so bad when we saw him sick. Honey was like a baby to me and I just wanted him to be happy. But now we're completely out of worry, just by using Antinol® , she's back to life again.”

“I was sitting at my desk working and looking up at Honey. saw it in the garden rolling on the grass wagging his tail happily and it made me smile It's back to being itself again.”

Now Honey is preparing for a serious squirrel chase. Because those squirrels are making their way to Scotland as they do every year.

“I said to my husband, ' I think this year we're going to put him in the doghouse. It doesn't follow us all the time. ' We almost canceled the trip. But now we don't have to worry about where to take it. We know that by using Antinol® it is able to stand on its own. It will explore and chase squirrels.”

So what would Anita say to other pet parents who are struggling with their pet's abnormal movements ?

“I was very worried because it was no different from having a baby. You both love them so much and will do anything to keep them happy. Try Antinol® , honey is incredibly healthy after using it. Now my life is complete."

Honey + Anita holding hands and smiling at each other

*Customer Reviews It is for informational purposes only. This information is not a substitute for professional veterinary care. Testimonials are written by customers who have actually used the product and are based solely on individual customer observations. These personal opinions cannot be taken as a guarantee. and may not be clinically proven Pets in reviews may have different health conditions.

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