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Age is not a problem, 13-year-old Party once again competes against the young dogs as the winner.

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Party, a 13-year-old dog, joins the race against other dogs and goes home as a winner!

This smart pup has lived an exciting 13 year old. Because in the agility race, the party is the dog that is more agile than anyone else.

Ginsey and her family in Georgia. She divided her home among seven other agile dogs, including Border Collies and Border Collies with Papillon mixes, all of whom competed. Agility in both USDAA and UKI tournaments

Ginsey's Border Collies

many years ago The party needed TPLO knee surgery. The party recovered quickly and was happy in its own right. But Jinsey noticed that it was starting to slow down.

“Parties don't run much. It has always been a great runner. running in the field chasing other dogs and running races But lately I feel that the party tends to cling to me more than before. I don't go out to play and run that much,” Jinsey said.

That all changed when Jinsey attended Cynosports last year.

“I stopped by the Antinol® booth at Cynosports and talked to the staff. Which I think might help the party. Before I started using the product on my dog I've talked to several people and tried to check with my veterinarian first. Everyone I talked to suggested that it was good. It looks pretty good. I also read some research and I decided to try it out.”

Ginzi has tried different types of supplements before to make the party better. But it was only a modest success.

“Honestly. I don't know how much I can expect from Antinol® , I just hope it makes the party feel better. feel a little more comfortable But I didn't expect to see such a big difference…and I actually saw it, it worked so well that I wanted to use this supplement with my other athletic dogs!”

The party was given Antinol® supplements for three weeks. Then Ginsey began to notice the difference. The party turned into another dog!

Party with Ginsey

“We began to notice that he acted like a young dog, often challenging other dogs to race with him. Which is pretty funny because it's a 13 year old dog... and he's winning! I've tried many supplements before, but Antinol® was the first thing that really made me feel. That the original party had returned… its power had returned. And now this is the only supplement I give to the party.
“This is a 13-year-old dog jumping off the couch and all around the house.

It's not just the mobility and fun of its life that has changed for the better. Jinsey reported that the partygoers were more active and interactive. It always wants to play with its friends.

Ginsey now also feeds her other dogs Antinol® supplements to support their long-term health and mobility throughout their racing career.

“For me, I can feel that they are more active. And they seem to be recovering faster from the race weekend. Because they were tired and worked very hard during that time. but enough the next day They don't feel as tired after taking Antinol® , they seem happier and more active. want to play all the time and when they woke up on Monday morning They are ready to return to sport again.”

Ginsey and her family are thrilled to see the difference after using Antinol® . This has given new life to the party host and here at Antinol® we are delighted to hear its life-changing stories.

“Seeing the change in the party is amazing,” Ginsey said.

“Now we laugh about it all the time. Because when your dog feels better You will feel good too.”

Party posing with their ribbons

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