I am proud that I could make George healthier with Antinol<sup>®</sup>︎

I am proud that I could make George healthier with Antinol®

โดย Vetz Petz Team


Hello, my name is Gig and his name is George. He is 5 years old. He is a Pomeranian mix which had patella luxation like many other Pomeranians. He had an operation on his right leg, a year later, he had an operation on his left leg. After the operation, it seemed like he still had a problem around his patella. Back then he was about 3 years old. He started to lifting his leg and limping so I took him to the vet. The vet examined him and  prescribed  Antinol®  , The result was great. After one week treated with Antinol® , I could see him improvement in walking and running. I’m very happy he got a lot better. As you can see he can run, jump high, walk up and down the stairs.  I will continue feeding him with  Antinol®  because it improves her quality of life. He got a lot better. He is brave enough to jump, run and hop on the table which he normally doesn't do.



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