Best Way to Buy

Antinol®︎ is available for purchase via our official online store or through your Vet.

For the best savings and most convenience, buying an online (with subscriptions and a Vet Code) will give the best deal!

What is a Vet Code? A Vet Code is provided to you by your Vet and gives you 5% off your entire order. Combine this with subscriptions and you'll get the most savings!

How to get the best deal

  • See your local vet about using Antinol®︎ for your pet
  • Ask for your Vet’s Vet Code to get additional 5% discount
  • Come back to our official online store
  • Select your pack size, choose the quantity of Antinol®︎ your Vet recommended
  • Enter your Vet Code in Checkout to apply the 5% discount

Here's where you get the savings!

  1. Save more than 25% when you purchase 90 pack

  2. Free shipping on every order

  3. Save a further 5%+5% off your entire order when you choose subscriptions and use a vetcode

For example:

If you bought a Dog 30 pack every month for 3 months from your vet it would cost 2700THB (3x 900THB).

BUT, if you bought online it would only cost 2150THB - including FREE delivery right to your door!

AND, if you choose subscriptions + use your vetcode you could save a further 5%+5% every purchase.

Potentially saving you 2500THB * every year!

That's the equivalent of a FREE 90 pack every year!
Why not save when you buy this for your pet each month!

*Savings based on a comparison of a 90 pack online subscription with vetcode discount vs. a monthly purchase of a 30 pack.


How to buy Antinol®︎

You can buy Antinol®︎ one of two ways: through your vet, or online.

Buying through your Vet or using our official site to get your monthly dose of Antinol®︎ is the safest way to purchase.

*We can not guarantee the quality of Antinol®︎ sold in other locations or websites.

Buy Online

We exclusively offer a Dog 30 and 90 pack and a Cat 30 and 90 pack through our official online store.

  1. Choose Dog or Cat

  2. Choose one-time (or subscriptions (save 5%)

  3. Choose quantity and add to cart

  4. Enter your information

  5. Enter Vet Code

  6. Choose payment method

  7. Complete purchase

Where to Buy

60 pack of Antinol®︎ are available for purchase through your local animal hospital.

Ask your vet about Antinol®︎ on your next visit.

Looking for a Vet that sells Antinol®︎ or need a recommendation?

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